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    What you get:

    • Personalized tips delivered to your phone
    • Motivation, encouragement and support
    • Interactive text games and trackers
  • Text2quit is with you every step of the way.

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    Text2quit identifies your smoking triggers and behaviors and helps you find your best way to quit.

  • Make your quit successful with text2quit.

    • Less than 5% of smokers are able to quit without help.
    • 34% of text2quit users had quit smoking one month later.*
    • Text2quit users were 59% more likely to quit smoking.*

    *Randomized controlled trial conducted by researchers at The George Washington University School of
    Public Health and Health Services.

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Here's what people are saying...

  •   It was nice to have a structured program as opposed to doing it alone.  

    -Alice E

  •   It was nice to know I was getting reminders and that somebody noticed I was quitting.  

    -Derek T

  •   The texts made me make a serious attempt...because I was constantly reminded of my efforts via text.  

    -Chris W

  •   The texts held me to my quit date. I used to always push it back, but this made me feel accountable.  

    -Catherine B

  •   I liked that regular reminders are pushed out to me and that I don't have to pull resources in.  

    -Johnny J

Check out these 3 things you can do by text:

  • 1

    Track quitting

    text2quit: Great! You reached your goal of cutting down to 5 cigs yesterday. See if you can cut out more before your quit date. Reply HELP for help.

  • 2

    Get craving tips

    text2quit: To stay away from cigs, find new habits & spend time with non smoking friends. Create a smoke free environment to help cut cravings. Reply HELP for help.

  • 3

    Why others quit

    text2quit: Ex-smoker #163: "I quit because I was tired of the look of disgust I got from family and friends when I lit up." Reply HELP for help.