Frequently Asked Questions

About the program
  • Q: What is text2quit?

    A: Text2quit is a program to help people quit smoking and stay quit. It includes text messages, emails, and access to a personal web portal. Once you sign up, the text messages can be used on their own. Or you can use all three components for the most support.

  • Q: How many messages will I receive each week?

    A: Message frequency varies by account settings. Messages are sent according to your quit date. For the 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after your quit date, you can expect to receive about 2-5 messages per day. For the remainder of the program, you can expect about 1-5 messages per week.

  • Q: Are the messages personalized?

    A: The messages are personalized to your quit date and other items in your smoking profile (e.g. smoking triggers, medications used, etc.).

  • Q: Can I write back with questions?

    A: Text2quit sends messages, allows you to reply to certain questions, and allows you to send in keywords. However, you can not send in your own questions. Here is a list of the keywords you can send in to text2quit on 311411:
    Message Frequency : varies by user participation. Minimum 1 message/week.
    Message Pricing: Message and data rates may apply.

    • GUIDE: For a list of popular keywords
    • DATE: To reset your quit date
    • CRAVE: For help with cravings
    • TIP: To receive tips to deal with cravings
    • GAME: To play a trivia game to fight cravings
    • STATS: To receive an update on your quitting progress
    • PLEDGE: To make a pledge to stay smokefree
    • GOALS: To change your goal of cutting down before your quit date
    • WHYQUIT: To receive quotes from other text2quit ex-smokers
    • REASONS: To receive a reminder of your reasons for quitting
    • MEDS: To receive information on quitting medications
    • SUPPORT: To receive information on where to go for more help
    • SMOKED: To get advice on what to do if you smoked
    • SLIP: To alert the system that you had a slip and to get advice
    • RELAPSE: To alert the system that you have gone back to smoking and to get advice
    • HELP: To get information on the system or technical help
    • STOP: To turn off your text messages
    • RESUME: To turn on your text messages
  • Q: What if I don't quit on my quit date?

    A: Text2quit will check in with you on your quit date to see if you have quit. Your answer will determine what messages to send you. If you don't quit, simply reply DATE to set a new quit date and the messages will adjust accordingly.

  • Q: What if I already quit?

    A: Text2quit can help you stay away from cigarettes once you have quit. Text DATE to update your quit date in the system to receive timely messages.

  • Q: What if I don't want to set a quit date?

    A: When you enroll in text2quit, the system will ask you to set a quit date. At any point, you can text DATE to change your quit date or tell the system you are not ready to set a quit date.

  • Q: How long will I receive text messages for?

    A: The messages will continue throughout your subscription, according to your quit date.

  • Q: Can I forward the messages to my friends?

    A: Yes. We encourage you to share the messages with friends and family. Tell them to sign up, too!

  • Q: How do I stop getting these messages?

    A: To stop receiving texts from text2quit, you can send STOP to the short code or you can login to your web portal at and turn off your SMS subscription there.

  • Q: How do I start receiving the messages again?

    A: If you have turned off the text messages from text2quit, you can start receiving them again by sending RESUME to the short code or by logging in to your web portal at and turning on your SMS subscription there. Your text2quit text messages will resume based on your previous account settings and quit date.

  • Q: How do I log in to my personal web portal?

    A: At, click on the button on the top menu bar that says "log in". Then enter your mobile phone number and your password and click "log in".